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Going flat-out in the Bugatti Bolide

We’ve seen Bugatti’s chief test driver, Andy Wallace, take the Bugatti Bolide on the track for high-speed testing, and up to now, only Bugatti drivers have been in the driver’s seat of this hypercar, but that recently changed as Jack Rix, Editor-in-chief for Top Gear Magazine got some time with the Bugatti Bolide on the track at Nardo.

The Bugatti Bolide is a limited edition, track-only hypercar, just 40 units will be built, and all of these $5,000,000 beauties sold out a long time ago, powered by the magnificent W16, quad-turbo, 8-liter engine we’ve seen in the Chiron Super Sport, for a total power output of 1,600 PS, put this into the perspective of a target weight of only 1,450 kg and you know this is a beast, taking only 2.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h, but get this, the theoretical top speed of the Bugatti Bolide is over 501 km/h (311 mph), and she takes only 20.1 seconds to reach 501 km/h!

But let’s take a look at the video from Top Gear to really get into the details of this amazing hypercar, no hybrid, no electric motors, just pure power from a massive W16 engine … old school: