Gordon Murray Group Reveals Plans for New Headquarters

Gordon Murray Group headquarters

Moving to Windlesham, Surrey

Gordon Murray Group has a plan to build a new headquarters in Windlesham, Surrey. The three-phase build project should be completed in 2024.

The new HQ for the company will be built on a 54-acre site. It was formerly the home of BOC Corporation, according to EVO. Gordon Murray Group will need to build a 130,000 square foot facility built on the existing land and what’s already there.

This new HQ will house the automotive design, engineering, research and development, and sales and marketing. The company will invest £50 million. in the project, and it will be funded by Murray’s existing investors. It should create around 100 new jobs for the area.

The new building will be cutting-edge. Murray discussed the buildings and called them “low-energy, practical and usable” and “lovely buildings.” The buildings were compared to McLaren’s headquarters.

“Our innovative new technology campus is a fantastic new home and will give us world-class facilities that have been designed with a lot of attention to communication, workflow and social interaction – which will bring new levels of productivity to our already very efficient team. My experience with Brabham and McLaren is when you get scattered over too many locations the communication breaks down,” said Murray.

Phase one of the project should be completed at the end of 2022. From there, things will continue on until the project is completed in 2024.