Gumball 3000 2

It’s Gumball season again, and this time the rally has all the world’s best supercars. What we really mean is that two Bugatti Veyrons are filling the gap from last year’s entry list.

On hand were a mix of celebrities, including founder Max Cooper who picked a TWR-modified Jaguar XJ220 for his ride. The planned route will take them from London to Asia and back. Along the way, conspicuous consumption and debaucherous parties will become blurred highlights.

Already, we have read stories off the Gumball website about the leading cars being seized in Germany. The controversy over staging these road ‘races’ is growing, but so is the audience that views it as just plain fun. So far, no one has been permanently injured from the Gumball, but many cars have been destroyed, later replaced in record time to complete the run.

For the second year in a row, our coverage comes from Ilya Holt and James Franklin of Nottingham. Their gallery will be expanded as more shots come our way, so expect a much larger amount in the next few days.

***UPDATE: we got a few night shots from Belgium courtesy of Laurent Van Assche.