Hennessey Venom F5

Hennessey Says It’ll Try to Beat Koenigsegg and Bugatti’s Top Speed Runs This Year

The Venom F5 has Its Work Cut Out for It

Hennessey Performance is best known for modifying all sorts of cars, but the company is also working on one of the craziest hypercars ever built, the Venom F5. John Hennessey founder of Hennessey Performance recently had a conversation with Tim Allen of Rides and Drives.

In that conversation, he said that 2020 will be the year the Venom F5 will be delivered to customers and the year that Hennessey will try to beat Koenigsegg and Bugatti’s top speed runs. “The Venom F5 is the most significant car that we’ll ever build,” said Hennessey. 

He went on to discuss a little bit how 2020 will go and the company’s goals for the car.

“We’ll go out and see how fast it goes. Our goal will be to beat speed records set by Koenigsegg and Bugatti, we think those are attainable. That’s for this year. We’ll be building that car for probably the next four or five years in different variations,” said Hennessey.

Hennessey isn’t letting the Venom F5 take up all of the thoughts and aspirations of the company. They’re also already looking at what a successor might be. The company is also thinking about future cars to modify.

The Chevrolet C8 Corvette is chief among the options, and Hennessey said he’s already had thousands of inquiries from C8 buyers. It will be interesting to see what Hennessey can do with the C8 once he and his team get their hands on one.