Here’s the First Teaser of the New Bugatti Hypercar

Looks like an Evil X-Wing Fighter

Bugatti has a one-off track hypercar that it is planning to reveal soon, and now the world is getting to see the first images of that car. The company sent out its first teaser to various journalists and on its social media. It’s of the back of the car.

The image shows the rear of the car in shadowy silhouette and you can distinctly see the car’s taillights in a unique X-pattern. Just from the teaser image, you can tell that the car will be unlike any other Bugatti out there.

The Supercar Blog suggests it could look like the Vision Le Mans concept that was showcased a while back. Sources also told the publication that the track hypercar will have an internal combustion engine powering it instead of a hybrid or an electric powertrain.

That will make the car a bit of an oddball in the current hypercar climate. The engine will likely be the 8.0-liter W16 that is featured in some other Bugatti cars. However, this time it will likely produce something like 1,600 hp. I can’t wait to see what Bugatti reveals.


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