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Here's What It Feels Like To Drive A 1992 Acura NSX

Here’s What It Feels Like To Drive A 1992 Acura NSX

Many enthusiasts hold a special admiration for the Acura NSX due to its exceptional performance, attractive design, and dependable reliability. Although these characteristics are what gained the NSX its popularity, it is truly the subtle details that continue to make it exceptional in modern times.

The folks at TheTopher managed to get their hands on one to illustrate to us what makes this car truly special.  They look at every aspect of the NSX, including Honda’s design choices that contributed to its exceptional driving experience. The NSX’s noteworthy features, such as its lightweight aluminum chassis, impressive VTEC engine, and manual steering rack, all merge to create a car that could rival a Ferrari, yet at a significantly more affordable price.

Watch for yourself as TheTopher gives us their impressions as they drive through a canyon in one of Honda’s greatest creations ever.