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Hyundai sports car

Hyundai and Kia Announce a Partnership with Rimac

A Smart Strategic Move

Hyundai and Kia, both members of the same automotive group, have both invested significant amounts of money in Rimac and entered into a strategic partnership. According to Carscoops, the companies will work together on future projects. One of these projects will be the Hyundai N midship sports car. Hyundai and Kia want to make a big splash in the electric car space, and that would be one way of doing it. 

Hyundai first had the idea for the mid-engine car with the Veloster RM Concept. That car was a gasoline-powered model, but it got a lot of people talking. After that, the company showed off the RM15, which was a more refined version of the concept. The rumors were that it would make it to production, but that never happened. Now it seems the car will go electric. 

That’s where Rimac comes in. The electric car manufacturer has made some of the most impressive automobiles ever. The company has since connected up with Porsche, Aston Martin, Pininfarina, and other companies to help those companies make the most of electric car technology. Hyundai and Kia want in on the action now. Hyundai Motor Group’s Executive Vice Chairman, Euisun Chung seemed very excited about working with Rimac. He said this of the company:

Rimac is an innovative company with outstanding capabilities in high-performance electric vehicles. Its startup roots and abundant experience collaborating with automakers with technological prowess makes Rimac the ideal partner for us. We look forward to collaborating with Rimac on our road to Clean Mobility.

As you can tell, the Hyundai mid-engine car isn’t the only thing on the minds of Hyundai and Kia. The companies will be working on other cars, too. While a sports car may be the big news, the other vehicles might have a broader impact on the market as a whole.