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Jay Leno on the Rimac Nevera

By now I guess we all know about the Rimac Nevera, an all-electric hypercar from Croatia built by a company that now works together with Bugatti to create the successor to the Chiron, the Nevera is powered by four electric motors and has already proven itself to be a record-setter, and while only 150 will be built, a lot of them, if not all, have already been sold by the time you are reading this article. By strategically placing a pair of 200 kW electric motors in front and another two 500 kW electric motors in the rear, the engineers were able to give the rear-biased Nevera an ideal 48:52 (front: rear) weight distribution. However, a deeper inspection reveals more intricacies in the design, as the planetary gears for each of the 4 wheels are purposed in such a way that the Nevera is also optimally balanced from left to right as well. Genius.

And here comes the kicker: those four electric motors are capable of a combined output of no less than 1.4 mW, or 1,914 hp and a massive 2,360 Nm … and get this, going from 0 to 60 mph takes just 1.85 seconds, that could induce some serious neck pain if you ask me, imagine a Nevera Convertible with these figures, that will surely ruin your hair in a hurry, let alone the top speed that is listed at 258 mph or 412 km/h, and it is still getting better, thanks to a 120 kWh battery you’ll be able to travel 340 miles or 550 km on one charge, while it takes less than 30 minutes to charge from 5% up to 80%.

And while we’ve seen several videos already on the Rimac Nevera, the crash tests, and even a behind-the-scenes look at the factory, when Jay Leno talks about this electric hypercar on his YouTube channel Jay Leno’s Garage, we just had to watch it, and share it with our audience, this is a different look on the car, and a very interesting, and at the same time, entertaining look, enjoy: