Koenigsegg Jesko

Koenigsegg Mission 500 Concept Could Appear at Geneva

The Race to 500 kph

The top hypercar and supercar manufacturers were all about hitting 300 mph. That barrier was broken by Bugatti in 2019. However, Bugatti didn’t do the right things to have the Guinness Book of World Records certify the run. Despite this, there’s video and photo evidence of the run. Bugatti did it, and now Koenigsegg has been outdone. Now the company is shooting for 500 kph (310 mph). 

To make this happen, the company has been working on a new car. That new car is rumored to be the Mission 500 Concept car. According to The Supercar blog, unnamed sources told the publication that Koenigsegg would be unveiling this car at Geneva. It’s unclear who the publication’s sources are and if they are reputable. 

It’s unclear exactly what the car will be, but The Supercar Blog says it will be a new model that’s based on the Koenigsegg Jesko. This is not surprising. The Jesko is the company’s latest effort, and the company’s CEO has said it should be able to do 300 mph. Taking the Jesko as the basis for the new car and modifying it should make it able to do the 500 kph or 310 mph that the company has its sights set on. The Geneva Motor Show could be an interesting one this year.