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Lotus Evija in the Middle East

Lotus Stuns In the Middle East With the Evija

On World Tour

The Lotus Evija is on a world tour and the vehicle has now made a significant impression in the Middle East. The company brought the car to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to a special retail location in the city that can only display up to 10 cars due to its size. Of course, the Evija is the key model on display. 

Lotus CEO Phil Popham and several other executives were at the Lotus retail location to showcase the car and present it to the public. Popham said the following:

We believe the Evija will really appeal to Gulf state customers, and we’re developing the car with them – and particularly the local climate – in mind. Real-world testing of prototypes is now underway to ensure optimum performance in every market.

The car will be in this location for only a few days and available for viewing. Then the car will go to the company’s retail store in Abu Dhabi. It will also be showcased in several private viewings in the area. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Evija is the all-electric Lotus hypercar. The vehicle makes nearly 2,000 hp and uses four electric motors to do a 0-62 mph sprint in under three seconds and exceed 200 mph.