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Making the best better, the new Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom has always been the ultimate luxury limousine, ever since the first release back in 1925 known as the Phantom I, they even had the Phantom VI in production from 1968 all the way up to 1990, after which it took a while for the Phantom VII to come out in 2003 with a body made almost completely from aluminum, we got a Phantom Drophead Coupé in 2007 and even a Phantom Coupé a year later, but the Phantom VII model remained in production for 14 years, up to 2017 when a revised model was unveiled as the Phantom VIII.

And it is the second ‘facelift’ of the Phantom VII, or the 8.2, that is featured in the video below from famous YouTube star Mr JWW, and it is very clear this latest evolution of the massive Rolls Royce Phantom is still the world’s most luxurious car: