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Bugatti Chiron Hermes Edition

Manny Khoshbin’s Hermes-Edition Bugatti Chiron Is a Feast for the Eyes

It Took Three-Years to Build

Manny Khoshbin’s car collection is legendary among the folks who are looking for amazing car collections. One of his most recent acquisitions is a Hermes-Edition Bugatti Chiron. Khoshbin commissioned the car and connected up the two brands, and a design was conceived in 2016. It is now finished and looks absolutely stunning. 

Car and Driver was one of the first publications to share the vehicle in all its glory. The white car (the color is actually called Hermès Craie—a chalk-white) is a beautiful example of what money can buy if you have enough of it. Khoshbin told Car and Driver that he wanted a car that was elegant and simple yet luxurious. We don’t really know if the Bugatti Chiron could ever be considered simple, but the sleek and stylish design definitely qualifies.

This Chiron is special but it’s not something you’re going to notice right away. It’s the subtle details that set this car apart, like the fact that the grille is made up of small H-patterns. The fact that the rear wing gets the Hermès Courbettes horse pattern painted on it. Also, the rear bumper area of the car is painted to match the body color, something other Chiron’s don’t have. 

The interior is a dream, with cashmere fabric spread out throughout the cabin. The fabric features the same Hermès Courbettes horse pattern as the rear wing. Pair all that with beautiful creme colored interior and a special “Dressed by Hermès” badge and you have a wonderful place to spend your drive.