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Mansory F9XX – Tempesta Celeste

Many people won’t see a single Ferrari SF90 Spider in their entire lifetime, others might get a glimpse of one at a local exotic car show … but in some regions of the world you’ll be able to spot one on just about every corner of the street, it all depends on where you live or go on vacation, but while even seeing a factory original Ferrari SF90 Spider is a feat on its own, seeing a custom-built, one of three Mansory F9XX is a totally different experience altogether.

Based on the Ferrari SF90 Spider, Mansory completely transforms this open-top supercar into something really special, called the F9XX, and while they call it a ‘complete vehicle conversion’ on their website in their ‘one of one’ philosophy … they still plan to build three units in the end.

Keep in mind Mansory actually has their own carbon fiber autoclave, so they can create just any carbon fiber pattern you like, and while some might not really like the over-the-top styling Mansory has become famous for, you have to admit the workmanship, both inside and outside of their ‘one of one’ cars is second to none, whether you like the end result or not.

On the F9XX you can’t but ignore that two-part rear wing that reminds me of the FXX track-only cars from Ferrari, and that’s just part of the entire aerodynamic package from Mansory, including a deep front chin spoiler, fins on the outer sides of the front bumper, a carbon fiber fin on top of the front bonnet, and louvers on the fenders above the Mansory wheels, no center-locks here, just a tried and trusted five-bolt pattern, and in true Mansory style, a crest showcasing just how rare this car is toward the end of the front fender, just in front of the doors.

If that massive side sill doesn’t grab your attention instantly, the side intakes in front of the rear wheels will capture your eye immediately anyway, with a horizontal top fin that starts on the door only to run into the lower rear fender, into an air intake with another fin, but the top part extends right up to the rear wheel well, Mansory even covered the retractable hard top on the SF90 Spider in their special kind of Forged Carbon pattern, and it works perfectly with the ‘Celeste’ paint on this specific Tempesta Celeste version.

Four center-mounted exhaust pipes exit through the rear bumper/diffuser section, complete with massively deep carbon fiber fins, and if you look closely you’ll even notice the red led lights incorporated into the vertical uprights on either side of the car that hold those stubby rear wing sections in the air, another nice detail is the brake light under the license plate holder, just like on a race car, it all comes over as a really intricate design, but somehow it works, especially in this combination of Celeste and black carbon fiber.

And on this Mansory F99XX, the exterior looks don’t tell the entire story, the V8 Hybrid engine has been finetuned into a total power output of no less than 1,100 hp, together with a massive torque figure of 980 Nm, the result is a top speed of an impressive 355 km/h (that’s 221 Mph) and acceleration figures of just 2.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, naturally that comes with a combined fuel consumption of 8.2 liter/100km, a car like the Mansory F99XX isn’t too economic to drive, but that’s not why you should buy a car like this.

This Tempesta Celeste version of the Mansory F99XX comes with a staggered wheel setup, ultra-light forged rims are fitted, very impressive 9.5 x 21-inch units at the front and massively wide 12 x 22 inch to the rear, fitted with a set of high-performance tires, 255/30 ZR21 and 335/25 ZR22 respectively to offer the ultimate performance in terms of lateral dynamics.

Once you glance into the completely modified interior of the Mansory F99XX you’ll be admiring the best leather money can buy, complete with perfect stitching and fitting, a sporty and elegant combination of leather and carbon fiber, just as we’ve come to expect from Mansory, this isn’t just another Ferrari SF90 Spider with an aero kit and some added carbon fiber on the interior, the F9XX is a completely different car from when she left the factory doors in Maranello.

And it gets even better, despite Mansory will only build three units of their F9XX, and all three will be completely different, a one-off essentially, this specific Tempesta Celeste from 2022 is available for sale at the time of writing, with just 50km on the odometer, this 1,100 hp or 820 kW beauty can be yours, just get in touch with Mansory and ask for the price … you might be driving the only F9XX in your city, heck perhaps even in your entire country … even the entire continent depending on where you live.