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Mate Rimac introduces the Nevera

The CEO of Rimac Automobili takes us through the development of the Nevera

“This is it. This is the car I had in mind when I embarked on the ‘impossible’ journey ten years ago. All our hard work has resulted in the Nevera – our record-breaking hypercar. This car was born to outperform, and to raise the bar, redefining the norm for performance cars. And not only in performance but as an all-around package. When we first revealed the C_Two, we set our targets extremely high. There was nothing else that could even come close to matching the car’s cutting-edge electric powertrain and extreme performance. But for us, that was only the starting point,” explains Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili.

Take a look at the 19-minute video where Mate Rimac explains how the Rimac C_Two was developed into the Nevera we can admire, and buy, today: