2015 McLaren 570S Coupé

The McLaren 570S: A Supercar For The Masses?

McLaren is a company with an incredible history. Anybody who knows anything about cars has heard of the McLaren F1, an incredibly expensive supercar, built in 1992, and designed to compete with Jaguar’s XJ220. The vehicle was an incredible feat of engineering for its day, featuring a single, central seat, designed to give drivers the same cockpit feel they would get it they were allowed to hop into Formula One car. The F1 was the fastest car in the world, with a top speed of more than 250 mph until the Bugatti Veyron was released more than ten years later.
So it’s no surprise that whenever McLaren launches a new car, people get excited. Recently, however, it’s cars have been seeing some steady deflation. It’s latest offering, the 570S isn’t some million dollar hypercar, like the P1. Instead, it comes it at $200,000, making it the sort of supercar that is within reach of most people, so long as they dedicate themselves to the goal of buying it by using services like ApproveNow.

Most people wouldn’t want to take McLaren’s other high-end cars on a weekend away. After all, the Ultimate Series and the Super Series range of cars are really designed to be track cars with the purpose of just going fast. There isn’t that much in the way of creature comforts. But the 570S is slightly different in this regard. Yes, it still has that McLaren minimalist feel: the amenities are a lot more rudimentary than they are in, say, an Aston Martin. But at least there’s some boot space on the 570S, meaning that you could theoretically take it away on the weekend.

Of course, McLaren being McLaren, the focus is entirely on science and racing pedigree. Everything about the company revolved around “high engineering” and precision. On their latest budget supercar, you’ll find the company’s statement dihedral doors, a carbon fiber body, ceramic disc brake pads for additional heat dissipation, and a V8 twin-turbo engine located in the centre of the car.

It’s clear for anyone who has spent any time in the McLaren that this is a car designed to go up against Lamborghini’s Huracan, their best selling car to date. They’re trying to tease buyers away from that car, which is roughly the same price as the 570S, by promising drivers a better driving experience. Where Lamborghini has flair (a euphemism for the fact that it will regularly run away from you), the McLaren has stability, control, and above all, science. Flair isn’t a word that the folks over at McLaren have heard it seems: the 570S is devilishly difficult to lost control of. And combined with all of the intelligent tech on board, including launch control, there’s no doubt that it’s quicker off the line than its Italian rival.

The upside of this car, therefore, is that it is relatively affordable, at least compared to supercars of the past. And while you may have to mortgage your home to buy it, it is at least an option.