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McLaren GT

McLaren GT Road Review by Carfection

It’s at True GT Car With a Mid-Engine

The McLaren GT is a special car with a special mission. It’s not a track car. It’s not a hardcore sports car. It’s a true grand touring car, or so McLaren would have you believe. Some people don’t see the car this way because it’s mid-engined and because of the car’s overall layout and design, but the guys at Carfection recently had a chance to get behind the wheel of the car and they come away seeing it as a true GT machine, and one that’s different than the other offerings from the company.

With that said, the GT is still a McLaren through and through. It looks the part, has its mid-engine layout and all the styling elements that you expect from the company. The car features a very McLaren interior, too, though it’s a bit more upscale than many of the company’s other cars. The vehicle is, in short, a special McLaren, and a different McLaren.

With the McLaren GT, the company’s lineup becomes multifaceted and even more unique. The GT changes the McLaren recipe instead of the company dictating that the car be more sporty or track-ready than it should be. It’s a purpose-built machine and a machine that’s built for the road and gobbling up many miles at high speed.