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McLaren Elva MSO

McLaren Pays Tribute to Iconic M6A Can-Am Racer With a Special Elva

A McLaren Special Operations Vehicle

McLaren’s most recent renderings pay homage to a classic racer that was driven by Bruce McLaren back in 1967. The car was the M6A Can-Am race car. It’s one of the most iconic race cars in the history of the sport. McLaren Special Operations was able to take the Elva and craft it into a fitting tribute to that car.

Most notable is the paint job. The car gets a special shade of orange, which is not quite as bright as that of the original race car, but it’s still very glorious and obviously a tribute to that vehicle. The vehicle also gets some silver graphics and the number 4 as well as a painted replica of Bruce McLaren’s signature. 

The most interesting aspect of the speedster is the car itself. The color is beautiful but it seems to fit the Elva extremely well. The flowing lines of the car work beautifully with this color. The dashboard, center console, and door panels also showcase the color. The paint color is offset by some off-white seats.

According to Carscoops, this likely won’t be the last of the special Elvas renderings to come. It’s unclear how many the company plans to do or how many of them will actually be built, but I sure hope this particular one happens and McLaren makes more than one. It’s a gorgeous car.