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McLaren GT

McLaren Teases Its Upcoming Grand Touring Car

This Is the GT We’re Excited About

The reveal of McLaren’s next car under its Track25 plan will take place on May 15. The company says the car will be a new GT car and share much of itself with Speedtail Hyper-GT. That’s not a bad thing at all. McLaren has a page on its website that shows the images here and is likely where new information will appear as it is released to the public. 

McLaren hasn’t given out a ton of information about the car. Carscoops reported that the company said the vehicle was meant to “redefine the rules of the Grand Tourer segment, introducing renowned McLaren engineering and dynamic attributes alongside high-quality materials and exceptional comfort.”

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said the car will have a level of agility “never experienced before in the segment.” That has us excited for what is to come. At the moment, all we have are a few shadowy images to go off of and the video shown below. As you can see, it’s a super sleek looking car, and might be one of McLaren’s best-looking models. 

In the video below, it hints that the car won’t be held back by tradition. This could mean anything for the model, really. What that says to us is that it will be a dramatically different car than McLaren’s other models. This could be great, but McLaren’s current models are excellent, so we hope they don’t stray too far. It will be interesting to see this car in full detail on the 15th.