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Meet NASROD: A NASCAR-Inspired 1000bhp Burnout Monster

As its name suggests, NASROD is inspired by NASCAR and is built by Jesse Stewart from Jessie’s Performance using a 1934 Ford truck as a base. This is not just your ordinary hot rod, it’s a piece of automotive art, a fusion of junkyard elegance and cutting-edge engineering.

Up front, you can find a  500 cubic inch (8.2-liter) LS-style V8 from Steve Morris Engines that can pump out 1,000 horsepower which is not achieved through the usual means of nitrous injection. Instead, it relies on a naturally aspirated setup, running on methanol with a 14.5:1 compression ratio, a solid roller, and an 800-plus camshaft. It also comes with a T56 transmission, a four-wheel-drive system, and a Duramax front differential.

Let’s take a closer look at this monster together with Rob Dahm from Top Gear as he takes it for drive and do some burnouts!