For the first time ever, we had a team trek to Italy to capture the Historic Mille Miglia which finished on Saturday. They quickly found out that nothing beats Ferraris, and similar Italian cars, celebrating their rich heritage in the same areas as the original event.

As in the past, almost all of Italy was there to support and get a glimpse of the 375 entrants. With so many cars and spectators, the Mille remains one of the world’s major automotive events. Furthermore, the expansive list of eligible cars let some unique curiosities participate.

This year, two exceptional Ferraris that won in 1951 and 1957 were present. The latter was driven by Prisca Taruffi to remember her father’s win 50 years ago.

While the rally was ongoing, Ferrari was staging their auction at the factory which brought in a record 6 875 000 EUR for the sole 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM. They also had some prototype cars for sale including the 550 Sperimentale which offers a unique look into Ferrari’s development.

Both Dirk de Jager and Kevin Blommaert followed the Rally which ended this weekend to bring us our feature Mille Miglia gallery.