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More News of the Ferrari 812 Spider Coming In September

A Drop-Top Superfast

If you’ve always loved the 812 Superfast but were dismayed by the fact that Ferrari doesn’t sell a drop-top version, then you should listen up. According to a car collector that is intimate with Ferrari, the 812 Superfast could be coming as early as September. We reported on this news before, but now The Supercar Blog has more of a concrete confirmation due to an interview.

The publication sat down with a car collector, who just so happens to be one of the few people who will be getting the upcoming Bugatti EB110 Tribute car. It stands to reason that this person knows his or her stuff. The unnamed collector told the publication that the 812 Spider will come in September and it will get the same V12 engine that’s in the coupe. 

In the coupe, that 6.5-liter engine produces 789 hp and 530 lb-ft of torque. The power numbers likely will stay the same for the convertible version of the car. However, the convertible will likely be slightly slower than the coupe overall. That means it won’t quite achieve the 812 Superfast’s 0–62 mph time of 2.9 seconds. Still, you’re looking at something between 3.0 seconds and 3.5 seconds most likely. 

When it comes to what the car will actually look like, the verdict is still out. It will have most of the same features and bodywork as the 812 Superfast coupe, but obviously, changes will be made to the car to accommodate the folding roof. The Supercar Blog stated that the top could be a hardtop. This, however, is just speculation. The publication’s source did not say it would be a hardtop car. We’d love to see it as a hardtop, but would not be surprised if Ferrari chose to do a soft-top roof instead.