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More than you can afford … Ferrari

Who doesn’t remember those glorious words from the 2001 movie The Fast and the Furious when Brian and Dom take the bright orange 1995 Toyota Supra for a test drive and they encounter a black Ferrari F355 Spider, and Brian asks about the retail on the Prancing Horse … to which the driver replies ‘More than you can afford pall … Ferrari’?

I must have watched all of the FF movies several times, but personally, I still feel the first one is among the best of the series, and while at the time this clip was recorded, that reply was accurate, things have changed considerably since then, and today that Supra is multiple times more valuable than the Ferrari F355, especially one of the orange movie cars that was actually driven by Paul Walker, as one of those sold at auction recently for $550,000 … and that wasn’t even the hero car.

Photo courtesy of Barret-Jackson

Chassis JT2JA82J3R0009030, the 1994 Toyota Supra, was built by Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop in El Segundo, CA, for the first movie, but it was this very car that was repainted gold to be used in FF2, later the original setup of Lamborghini’s pearl metallic orange was redone, but it didn’t get the engine mods like the real hero car, this specific car had a factory original 2JZ-GTE 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 with a 4-speed automatic.

Back to the famous drag race scene from FAST and FURIOUS, at the time this was a 19950 Ferrari F355 Spider, and she was driven by Neal H. Moritz, the co-producer of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, initial MSRP was $137,000, considerably more than the customized Supra MkIV, even with all the modifications like a 2JZ 3.1 engine swap, a large Turbonetics T-66 ball-bearing turbo & Delta II wastegate, custom headers, a NOS system.

While obtaining a 1995 period correct Toyota Supra MkIV is already getting expensive, making her into an FF look-alike will be next to impossible as the aero kit and wheels will be extremely difficult to source, but with a listing on BringATrailer for a 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider, you might be able to own the ‘other’ famous car from the first movie, the black Ferrari.

It might not be the real car from the movie itself, but it is a perfect look-alike nonetheless, so it might be interesting to look into, with just two more days of the auction the bid is at $73,000, so that number might still go up before the virtual hammer comes down, let’s take a look at what you get for that kind of money in today’s market:

The Ferrari F355 Spider comes with a 3.5-Liter V8 engine powering the rear wheels only, with a six-speed manual transmission capable to spin those large 18-inch, five-spoke original Ferrari wheels. And this car is a so-called triple black one, a black body over a black leather interior with a black canvas top, aside from red on tan probably the most interesting color combination out there.

The Ferrari F355 is a Pininfarina design, and while the predecessor, the 348 came with the side intake streaks inspired by the flagship V12 Testarossa, the F355 returned to twin round taillights and a large side air intake almost carved out of the door skin, a very beautiful car, even almost 25 years later, after this model Ferrari came up with the 360 Modena, which for me personally just didn’t look as good as the F355.

The all-black, leather interior inside this specific car features sport seats and leather upholstery on the dashboard and door cards, while color-coded black carpets are protected by floor mats, there is even a period-correct Sony radio/cassette player … probably without Bluetooth, but this is a classic, and let’s face it, the music from that V8 just inches behind your ears is all the sound you need driving this lady with the top down, the moment you wrap your left hand on the thick leather steering wheel and put your right hand on the chrome gearshift lever … nothing else matters.

If you are interested in obtaining this movie car lookalike, head over to the auction at BringATrailer and possibly put in your bid, so you can make that famous statement “More than you can afford pall … Ferrari”, just make sure you’re not next to an actual FF movie car …