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Morgan Plus Six
Image from Morgan

Morgan Plus Six Debuts in Geneva

A Morgan With a Straight Six

Morgan is best known for the fact that it still uses wood on the frame of its cars. The company hasn’t debuted a new car in a long time now, but the Plus Six is one of its coolest yet. The car gets the BMW’s B58 turbocharged engine. That’s the same that’s in the new Supra.

In the Morgan, the engine makes a strong 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Mated to the engine is a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle can do a 0 to 62 mph run in a sprite 4.2 seconds and tops out at 166 mph. While some of the methods Morgan uses to build its cars are antiquated, those performance numbers certainly are not.

The car does utilize some modern design technology outside of its straight-six engine. The car uses aluminum which helps keep weight down. If you’re thinking aluminum is sacrilegious for a company that’s known for wooden frames, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of wood here. The wooden and aluminum structure of the car is what keeps it to a healthy 2,369 lbs. Morgan calls this new architecture the CX. 

On top of that architecture, rests a body with all the vintage styling you could ever want. I’m not sure why more car companies don’t adopt this type of styling because it looks fantastic. The interior is also styled like you’d expect a Morgan to be, though it does feature an obvious BMW gear selector pulled straight out of the company’s parts bin. That’s the only major disappointment we see.

Morgan will build somewhere around 300 of the Plus Six each year. If this car scratches you right where you itch, it’ll cost you $102,668, which sounds reasonable for something so unique.