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nico rosberg

Nico rosberg Takes a Ferrari Monza SP1 on Some Hot Laps

Rosberg, Ferrari, and Fiorano? Yes, Please

Nico Rosberg may have driven for Mercedes in F1 racing, but like any racing driver or car fan, he loves Ferrari cars, too. The man had a chance to visit the Ferrari Museum and then had some time to spend with a Monza SP1. How did he spend that time? At Fiorano doing hot laps. Rosberg, bless you, and your skills. We love it. 

According to The Supercar Blog, Rosberg might be one of the first outsiders to take the Monza SP1 to Fiorano. We’ve seen the SP2 out and about doing its thing, but the SP1 is seen a little less often (not that either are common sights). The Monza SP1 is the single-seater version of the car and reminds us a lot of the Ferrari racers of old.

Rosberg looks like he has a blast while out there on the track. The car looks absolutely amazing and totally at home. We could watch Rosberg take this thing around the track all day long. You can check out the full video below and marvel at the car and the man’s skills.