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Novitec tunes the Ferrari SF90 to 1,109 hp

I think we can all agree the Ferrari SF90 isn’t a slow car, nor a bad-looking supercar, but when you are shopping in this category, you are probably looking for something different, something you can’t order directly from Maranello … and this is where tuners come into play, like NOVITEC GmbH from Germany, which not only changes the looks of this amazing Prancing Horse but also adds another 109 hp to the already impressive number this hybrid delivers straight from the factory.

A total power output of 1,109 hp can propel the NOVITEC tuned Ferrari SF90 to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds, the 200 km/h mark is reached after a mere 6.3 seconds while the top speed of this beauty is set beyond 340 km/h, these increased numbers are the result of adding not one, but two NOVITEC N-Tronic modules to the 4-Liter twin-turbo V8 ICE unit of the SF90’s hybrid drive system, these modules hold reprogrammed maps for both injection and ignition while also raising the electronic boost pressure limits set from the factory.

It isn’t a secret that changing the somewhat restricted factory exhaust (which is required to keep the car street-legal globally) will have a positive effect on both sound and power output, so NOVITEC fits their own high-performance exhaust system, either with or without electronic sound management, even a 999 fine gold plating is possible, while massive 112 mm stainless exhaust pipes come with real, visible carbon-fiber surrounds for that special, exclusive look, and if are looking for even more bespoke parts, you can have the NOVITEC 100-cell sport catalyst fitted, which happens to be available with gold plating too.

Installing both the power modules and the custom exhaust will unleash a total of 889 hp from the V8 engine, while the maximum torque goes from 800 Nm up to e918 Nm, on the other hand, NOVITEC doesn’t offer any modifications for the three electric motors, hence why the total power output comes in at 816 kW or 1,109 hp. Adding power is one thing, but NOVITEC proud itself in also offering both more instant throttle response and the even more powerful in-gear acceleration in any driving situation.

While we all like a lot of power and performance, you’ll have to agree that the eye of the beholder does not always detect this at first glance, so NOVITEC took the Ferrari SF90 Stradale into the wind tunnel and developed an amazing-looking aerodynamic package, with lots of clear carbon fiber naturally, as we all love the contrast between this bright Rosso paint and the dark, almost black CF pattern on the exterior of this car, and besides looking good, this also increases downforce at high speeds.

At the front, we find a new NOVITEC front spoiler, complete with detachable side sections to route air over the front wheel arches, the front hood comes with two bespoke, carbon fiber fins, one at the front of the hood, the second one in front of the windshield, NOVITEC also offers replacement front fenders, which come with exposed carbon fiber fins above the wheels, but are in fact completely made from the same lightweight material, the air intakes behind the doors have been redesigned by NOVITEC to direct more air into the engine compartment, but probably the most impressive item is that magnificent carbon fiber duck-tail at the rear, I really like this style, to be honest.

More carbon fiber can be found on the massive rear lower diffuser and the custom roof spoiler, but also on the bespoke exterior rear view mirrors and on the door window trim, inside the engine compartment, and in the luggage space, while these magnificent wheels are once again created in cooperation between NOVITEC and US-based Vossen, these tailor-made high-tech forged wheels are named NF10 with five twin-spoke center lock styling for that special racing look, the largest possible option is a combination of 9.5Jx21 wheels at the front and 12Jx21 rims at the rear axle with high-performance tires in 255/30 ZR 21 and 325/25 ZR 21 respectively.

Naturally, custom wheels also demand the fitment of lowering springs, the NOVITEC springs will bring the Ferrari SF90 about 30 mm lower at the front and 25 mm at the rear but wait, there is more, a front lift system controlled from the cockpit is available as an option as well, allowing to raise the front of the bodywork by about 40 millimeters for driving over obstacles, but when this function is not active, the SF90 rides lower than with the production suspension.