Aston Martin DB5 Bond car

One of the Original James Bond Aston Martin DB5s Will Go Up for Auction

A Killer Aston Martin and Piece of Movie History

If you’re an Aston Martin fan and a fan of the worlds most famous secret agent, then you need to get the RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction event in August. One of James Bond Aston Martin DB5s will cross the auction block. The car is one of just four Goldfinger-spec vehicles ever produced. This particular car has all the gadgets and goodies still on it from the film. 

While some of the other Goldfinger cars Aston loaned to the movie production company for the film, this particular model was actually built as a Goldfinger-spec model from the factory. It was supossed to be the hero car for the film. This means the gadgets and additions to the car, like the in-dash radar, revolving number plates, retractable bulletproof screen, and other gadgets were designed to work for more than just one take. In short, this is the Goldfinger-spec DB5 you really want. 

The car was restored by Roos Engineering in Switzerland, which is an Aston Martin as Heritage Specialists appointed shop. The restoration took four years. It not only got the car perfect, but it also helped make sure the 13 film additions (the gadgets and gizmos) functioned as they did the day the car left the factory. 

The car has also had very few owners. Over the past five decades, there have been only three private owners. This car should fetch an amazing price at auction.