Pagani Zonda

Pagani Is Planning Something Big for Geneva

A New Zonda, or an Homage to it?

The first Pagani Zonda is 20 years old this year. That means you can expect the company to do something special to celebrate its car. According to CarBuzz, the automaker told the publication that there’s something in the works for the Geneva Motor Show that’s less than a month away at this point.

“It will be a big surprise that we know everyone will love,” Communication and PR Manager Giulia Roncarati told the publication. “But right now we’re keeping it a secret.” That’s confirmation that something will appear. However, what exactly will appear at the show will only come with time.

This cryptic statement from Roncarati has people coming up with guesses. CarBuzz says that it could be a final version of the Zonda. That would be interesting due to the fact that Pagani didn’t seem interested in making more of the cars. Despite this, some special clients have been able to convince the automaker to make special ones.

The surprise could also be a special showcase of all the Zonda variations ever produced. That would be a cool way of paying homage to the car that debuted 20 years ago. We think a special 20th-anniversary edition of the car would be appropriate, and not just a final edition like CarBuzz suggests. However, the chances of that happening are very slim.

We’ll keep an eye out for whatever Pagani debuts at the show. Hopefully, it will exceed all expectations and be something that nobody has even thought of yet.