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porsche 964 sales and production

Porsche 964 Sales & Production Numbers

Porsche 911 (964) Sales & Production Numbers 

Over the life of the Porsche 911 (type 964) it was considered a sales success. While Porsche was struggling at the time thanks to its own issues as well as a big recession globally, the 964 nonetheless sold enough to keep the company going and to show enthusiasts that Porsche knew how to improve on the 911 formula with this new 964 generation.

Over the five year production life of the 964, a total of 66,571 units were made. Compared to the previous five year period that was basically as slight increase in sales volumes. Impressive given macro issues at the time. 

In 1989 Porsche launched with the C4 only, a new all-wheel-drive sports car that was the first real version for the everyday driver. 1990 saw the launch of the Cabriolet and Targa body styles for the C4. 1990 model year also saw the launch of the C2 in Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa as well as the introduction of Tiptronic gearbox. Sales for 1990 hit 15,023 units. 1991 saw the launch of the Turbo 3.3 which sold well and helped 1991 sales close at just under 22,000 units.  

1992 saw the introduction of the Carrera RS which sold 1,992 units in its one year of production. C4 and C2 sales volumes had peaked in 1990 and were now down to a combined 5,500 units with the Cabriolet and Targa versions adding 4,335 units. In total 1992 came in at only 13,510 units. 

From this point the rumors had started that the 993 was being developed and the 964 sales volume saw a steady decline in 1993 and 1994, with 8,862 and 4,097 units respectively in those years. 1993 was helped by the launch of the Turbo 3.6 as well as the RS 3.8 and RS America.  1994 was helped by a strong year for the Turbo 3.6 and the 964 Speedster which sold 581 units. 

Overall, the 964 was considered a success for Porsche and they entered 1995 with the launch of the Type 993 911 generation.  

964 Model Year Production Runs

Note that these are approximate dates as we could not validate them perfectly. You would think the record keeping was decent in the late 80s and early 90s but it turns out finding that information is harder that we thought. 


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Rest of World

K Series: Oct 1988- Jul 1989
L Series: Aug 1989 – Jul 1990
M Series: Aug 1990 – Mar 1991
N Series: Apr 1991 – Jul 1992
P Series: Aug 1992 – Jul 1993
R Series: Aug 1993 – Dec 1993**

**Note: The R Series Speedster and Turbo stayed in production passed December 1993 into calendar year 1994 for a few months. 


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United States

K Series: Oct 1988 – Jul 1989
L Series: Aug 1989 – Apr 1990
M Series (1): May 1990 – Oct 1990
M Series (2): Nov 1990 – July 1991
N Series: Aug 1991 – Jul 1992
P Series: Aug 1992 – Apr 1993*
R Series: May 1993 – Apr 1994

*Note: RSA was part of P Series and started production in January 1992. It is an exception to the above P Series numbers. 



964 Production Numbers (By Year & Model)

Check out our 964 sales data table. It summarizes 964 sales by model and by year. You can click on the “+” sign in the table and it will give you details on the breakout between USA and Rest of World (ROW) sales for that specific 964 model. One thing to note is that we did not split out the unique models into sub-levels because the data was a little less clean on country split. You will notice therefore that all the “Turbo-Look” cars are aggregated up to their main parent category (the C4 Turbo-Look for the U.S market sits under C2 & C4 Coupe). Also, don’t forget that in model year 1989 only the C4 sold so while it is grouped under C2 & C4, it is really just the C4 for that year. 

Variant1989 ROW1989 USA19891990 ROW1990 USA19901991 ROW1991 USA19911992 ROW1992 USA19921993 ROW1993 USA19931994 ROW1994 USA19941995 ROW1995 USA1995Total
C4 & C2 Coupe (including Turbo-look)2,0681,1173,1859,2512,11111,3627,8401,6089,4484,8446705,5143,2495203,769505467972034,250
C4 & C2 Cabriolet9562,0673,0233,8862,2076,0932,8856423,5271,4146002,014315283598015,255
C4 & C2 Targa4801586381,1967461,94259721180841913755603,944
Turbo 3.32,2981,9924,29067028995905,249
Turbo S 3.38686086
Carrera RS1,9921,99201,992
Turbo 3.665065043540884301,493
C4 Anniversary9119110911
Speedster (including Turbo-look)5815810581
Carrera RS N GT2902900290
Carrera Cup1201201501500270
American Roadster16416486860250
RSR 3.81301300130
RS 3.81291290129
RS America61761784840701
Turbo 3.6 S 'Flatnose'363975075
Turbo 3.6 S ‘Package’1919019
Turbo S22020020
Turbo 3.6 Cabriolet3303
America GS 3.8111
Grand Total2,0681,1173,18510,6874,33615,02315,3406,55321,89311,5141,99613,5106,9051,9608,8651,8722,2254,09701166,574

964 Production Numbers (Lookup Tool)

Use this tool to narrow down to the specific production volumes you want to see. If you want to see all U.S sales for the 964 Porsche just select the USA option in the search box above. If you want to see all 964 Turbo 3.3 sales then you can select the Turbo 3.3 in the model grouping box. Have fun. 

Model yearSpecVariantTypeBodyNumber Produced
1989ROW964C4 Coupe964 C4 CoupeC4Coupe2068
1989USA964C4 Coupe964 C4 CoupeC4Coupe1117
1990ROW964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe9251
1990ROW964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa480
1990ROW964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet956
1990USA964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe2111
1990USA964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa158
1990USA964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet2067
1991ROW964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe7840
1991ROW964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa1196
1991ROW964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet3886
1991ROW964Carrera Cup964 Carrera CupCarrera CupRace120
1991ROW964Turbo 3.3964 Turbo 3.3Turbo 3.3Coupe2298
1991USA964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe1608
1991USA964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa746
1991USA964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet2207
1991USA964Turbo 3.3964 Turbo 3.3Turbo 3.3Coupe1992
1992ROW964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe4844
1992ROW964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa597
1992ROW964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet2885
1992ROW964Carrera RS964 Carrera RSCarrera RSCoupe1992
1992ROW964Carrera RS N GT964 Carrera RS N GTCarrera RSCoupe290
1992ROW964Carrera Cup964 Carrera CupCarrera CupRace150
1992ROW964Turbo 3.3964 Turbo 3.3Turbo 3.3Coupe670
1992ROW964Turbo S 3.3964 Turbo S 3.3Turbo 3.3Coupe86
1992USA964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe670
1992USA964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa211
1992USA964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet642
1992USA964American Roadster964 American RoadsterC4Cabriolet164
1993USA964American Roadster964 American RoadsterC4Cabriolet86
1992USA964Turbo 3.3964 Turbo 3.3Turbo 3.3Coupe289
1992USA964Turbo S2964 Turbo S2Turbo 3.3Coupe20
1993ROW964C4 Anniversary964 C4 AnniversaryC4Coupe911
1993ROW964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe3249
1993ROW964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa419
1993ROW964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet1414
1993ROW964RS 3.8964 RS 3.8RSCoupe129
1993ROW964RSR 3.8964 RSR 3.8RSRRace130
1993ROW964Turbo 3.6964 Turbo 3.6Turbo 3.6Coupe650
1993ROW964Turbo 3.6 Cabriolet964 Turbo 3.6 CabrioletTurbo 3.6Cabriolet6
1993USA964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe520
1993USA964C4 & C2 Targa964 C4 & C2 TargaC4 & C2Targa137
1993USA964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet600
1993USA964RS America964 RS AmericaRS AmericaCoupe617
1994ROW964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C4 & C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe505
1994ROW964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet315
1994ROW964Speedster (including Turbo-look)964 Speedster (including Turbo-look)SpeedsterSpeedster581
1994USA964C4 Turbo-look964 C4 Turbo-lookC4Coupe267
1994USA964C4 & C2 Coupe964 C2 CoupeC4 & C2Coupe200
1994USA964C4 & C2 Cabriolet964 C4 & C2 CabrioletC4 & C2Cabriolet283
1994USA964RS America964 RS AmericaRS AmericaCoupe84
1994USA964Speedster964 Speedster (including Turbo-look)SpeedsterSpeedster925
1994ROW964Turbo 3.6964 Turbo 3.6Turbo 3.6Coupe435
1994ROW964Turbo 3.6 S 'Flatnose'964 Turbo 3.6 S 'Flatnose'Turbo 3.6Coupe36
1994USA964Turbo 3.6964 Turbo 3.6Turbo 3.6Coupe408
1994USA964Turbo 3.6 S 'Flatnose'964 Turbo 3.6 S 'Flatnose'Turbo 3.6Coupe39
1994USA964Turbo 3.6 S ‘Package’964 Turbo 3.6 S ‘Package’Turbo 3.6Coupe19
1995USA964America GS 3.8964 America GS 3.8America GSCabriolet1