Porsche 964 VIN & Engine Numbers – Your Guide to Understanding & Deciphering Porsche 964 VIN, Engine & Transmission Numbers

We decided to create this guide to VIN, Engine and Transmission numbers for the 964 Porsche because we found it hard to get access to this information online.

Our easy to use guide should help you find what you need quickly. For more information about the Porsche 964, please check out our Ultimate Guide to the Porsche 964 page. 

The first part of this appendix provides the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine and transmission code breakdowns. From this information it will then be possible for a potential 964 purchaser to determine the validity of the VIN when doing a pre purchase inspection.

We went to great effort to ensure our data is accurate but as always we recommend that you check elsewhere too because errors do happen and getting reliable data from that era isn’t easy. 

Porsche 964 VIN Lookup Tool

Porsche 964 VIN Lookup- Standard Models

Our simple to use tool will help you find the VIN and Engine number for any 964 Porsche. Choose your model year and your country to narrow down your search. Then click on the appropriate car to see the VIN and Engine numbers.  

Model YearSpecTypeBodyTransmissionVINEngine No.
1989USAC4CoupeManualWPOAB096(*) KS450001-111762K00001
1990ROWC4Targa ManualWPOZZZ96ZLS4 l0001-32262L00001
1990ROWC2Targa TiptronicWPOZZZ96ZLS4l0001-32262L00001
1990USAC4Targa ManualWPOBB296(*)LS460001-l 5862L00001
1990USAC2Targa TiptronicWPOBB296(*)LS460001-15862L00001
1991ROWC4Targa ManualWPOZZZ96ZMS430001-119662M00001
1991ROWC2Targa TiptronicWPOZZZ96ZMS430001-119662M00001
1991ROWTurbo 3.3CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZMS470001-229861M00001
1991USAC4Targa ManualWPOBB296(*)MS440001-74662M00001
1991USAC4CabrioletManualWPOCB296( *)MS460001-220762M00001
1991USAC2CoupeTiptronicWPOAB296(*) MS410001-160862M00001
1991USAC2Targa TiptronicWPOBB296(*) MS440001-74662M00001
1991USATurbo 3.3CoupeManualWPOAA296(*)MS480001-67461M00001
1992ROWC4CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZN 5400001-484462N00001
1992ROWC4Targa ManualWPOZZZ96ZNS430001-59762N00001
1992ROWC2Targa TiptronicWPOZZZ96ZNS430001-59762N00001
1992ROWTurbo 3.3CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZNS470001-83662N00001
1992USAC4Targa ManualWPOBB296(*) NS440001-21162N00001
1992USAC2Targa TiptronicWPOBB296(*) NS440001-21162N00001
1992USAC2CabrioletTiptronicWPOCB296( *) NS460001-99262N00001
1992USATurb o 3.3CoupeManualWPOAA2 96(*)N$480001-30961N00001
1993ROWC4Targa ManualWPOZZZ96ZPS430001-41962P00001
1993ROWC2Targa TiptronicWPOZZZ96ZPS430001-41962P00001
1993ROWTurbo 3.6CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZPS470001-65061P00001
1993USAC4Targa ManualWPOBB296(*)PS440001-13762P00001
1993USAC2Targa TiptronicWPOBB296(*)PS440001-13762P00001
1994ROWTurbo 3.6CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZRS470001-47161R00001
1994USAC2Targa TiptronicWPOBB296 (*)RS440001-008 l (M718 = 1993 model with 1994 VIN)62R00001
1994USATurbo 3.6CoupeManualWPOAC296(*) RS480001-46661R00001

Porsche 964 VIN Lookup – Limited Editions

Our simple to use tool will help you find the VIN and Engine number for any 964 Porsche limited edition car. Choose your model year and your country to narrow down your search. Then click on the appropriate car to see the VIN and Engine numbers.  

Model YearSpecTypeTransmissionVINEngine No.
1990CANC4 CoupeManualWPOAB096( *)LS459001-8062L00001
1990CANC4 TargaManualWPOBB096(*)LS460001-15862L00001
1990CANC4 CabrioletManualWPOCB096(*)LS479001-6162L00001
1990CANC2 CoupeManual/TiptronicWPOAB096(*)LS459001-8062L00001
1990CANC2 TargaManual/TiptronicWPOBB096 (*)LS460001-15862L00001
1990CANC2 CabrioletManual/TiptronicWPOCB096(*)LS479001-6162L00001
1991ROWCarrera Cup CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZMS409001-12062M00001
1992ROWC2 Cabriolet Turbo-lookManual/TiptronicVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Cabriolet for 1992-
1992ROWCarrera RS basic CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZNS490001-205062N80001
1992ROWCarrera RS touring CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZNS490001-205062N80001
1992ROWCarrera RS NGTManualWPOZZZ96ZNS499001-29062N80001
1992ROWCarrera Cup CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZNS498001-11262N80001
1992ROWTurbo S CoupeManualVIN included in standard Turbo Coupe for 1992-
1992USAAmerican RoadsterVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Cabriolet for 1992-
1992USAAmerica GS CabrioletManual/TiptronicVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Cabriolet for 1992-
1992USACarrera Cup CoupeManualVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Coupe for 1992-
1992USATurbo S2 CoupeManualVIN included in standard Turbo Coupe for I 992-
1993ROW911 Anniversary CoupeManualVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Coupe for 1993-
1993ROWCarrera RS 3.8 CoupeManualWPOZZZ96ZPS497001-12962P85664
1993ROWCarrera RSR 3.8 Cou peManualWPOZZZ96ZPS496001-10462P85664
1993USARS America CoupeManualWPOAB296(*)PS418001-29462N00001
1993USARS America CoupeManualWPOAB296(*)PS419033-36862P00001
1993USAIMSA Turbo CoupeManualVIN included in standard Turbo Coupe for 199362P00001
1994ROWTurbo 3.6 S CoupeManualVIN included in standard Turbo Coupe for 1994-
1994ROWSpeedster "turbo-lookManual/TiptronicVIN included in standard Speedster for 1994-
1994USAC4 Turbo-lookManualVIN included in standard Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 Coupe for 199462R00001
1994USASpeedster turbo-lookManual/TiptronicVIN included in standard Speedster for 1994-
1994USARS America CoupeManualWPOAB296(*)RS419001-13962R00001
1994USATurbo 3.6 S CoupeManualVIN included in standard Turbo Coupe for 1994-

Porsche 964 VIN Numbers

The easiest way to correctly identify a 964 is to check the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN is a 17 digit international code. The VIN used by Porsche for the whole 964 series is the international 17 digit system.

There are two VINs for the 964 Porsche:

  • Rest of the world (ROW).  VIN identifies the 964 as being built to ROW specifications. Example: WPOZZZ96ZKS401786 = 1989 Carrera 4 Coupe. 
  • USA VIN (USA). The USA VIN identifies the 964 as being built to US specifications. Example: WPOCB2969RS465274 = 1994 Speedster. 

Where to Find the VIN in a 964 Porsche:

  • Rest of the world (ROW). The VIN is found on a data plate, installed in the luggage compartment attached to the right front inner fender. It is very near the right headlight assembly.
  • USA VIN (USA). The VIN is found on a plate attached to the left front A pillar and can be viewed from the outside through the windshield.

Deciphering Porsche 964 VIN Codes

Digit Code Explanation
1 W Country of origin (Federal Republic of Germany)
2 P Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
3 0 Passenger car
Z ROW market designation
A Coupe body style (USA)
B Targa body style (USA)
C Cabriolet body style (USA)
Z ROW market designation
A Turbo 3.3 liter (USA)
B Naturally aspirated 3.6 liter (USA)
C Turbo 3.6 liter (USA)
Z ROW marker designation
0 Seat belts only (USA)
2 Seat belts and air bags (USA)
7,8 96 First part of type number or auftragsnttmmer
Z Fill in digit for ROW
0-9 or X Test Digit
K 1989 (production model year)
L 1990
M 1991
N 1992
P 1993
R 1994
11 S Place of manufacture (Stuttgart, Germany)
12 4 Last remaining number of type or auftragsnttmmer
13 to 17*   Serial number of specific 964

*1 = RS America, 2 = US Coupe with airbags, 4 = US Targa with airbag, 6 = US Cabriolet with airbag. Digit 13 also provides version identification but can only be used for a specific model year. The numbers were changed around so a 5 in 1989 may not be the same as a 5 in 1994.

Porsche 964 Engine Number Codes

The engine number is located on the engine block, on the right side of the crankcase next to the fan housing. The engine code consists of 8 digits and is the same for all versions. Example:

  • 62K86401 is an M64/01 engine installed in a 1989 Carrera 4 (normally aspirated). 

Deciphering Porsche 964 Engine Codes

Note: Digit 4 is exclusive to Tiptronic models. In model year 1991 this number became a 5. So from this model year onwards the M64/02 engine for the Tiptronic could be identified separately. 

Digit Code Explanation
1 6 Number of cylinders
1 Turbocharged engine
2 Naturally Aspirated engine
K 1989 (production model year)
L 1990
M 1991
N 1992
P 1993
R 1994
4 to 8   Serial number of the specific engine


Porsche 964 Transmission Number Codes

The transmission number code is found on the transmission data plate. There were two codes used:

  • 12 digit code for model years 1989, 1990 and 1991
  • 12 digit code for model years 1992 onwards

Deciphering Porsche 964 Transmission Codes

Digit Code Explanation
1 to 5
G6400 AWD (not Switzerland, Taiwan)
G6401 AWD (Switzerland)
G6402 AWD (Taiwan)
G 5003 RWD manual (not Switzerland)
G 5004 RWD manual (Switzerland)
G 5005 RWD manual (USA only from 1992)
G 5010 RWD manual (Carrera RS series only)
G 5052 RWD manual (all)
A5001 Tiptronic 1990 and 1991 only
A5002 Tiptronic from 1992 (ROW only)
A5003 Tiptronic from 1992 (USA and Taiwan)
1990: No limited slip differential (LSD), only G50 & A50
1991: No LSD in G 50/03, G 50/04, A50
1990: LSD installed, only applicable to only G50 & A50
1991: LSD not installed in G50/52 transmission only
1992, 1993, 1994: LSD not installed in G50 & A50
1991: LSD installed in G S0/52 transmission
1992, 1993, 1994: LSD installed in G50 & A50
3 Regulated limited slip differential installed in G64
K 1989 (production model year)
L 1990
M 1991
Production model year code omitted from 1992 onwards
7 to 11   1992, 1993, 1994: Serial number of specific transmission
8 to 12   1989, 1990, 1991: Serial number of specific transmission