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Porsche Cayman GT4 (Ultimate Guide)

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The Cayman GT4 has the perfect balance of aggression and style. It is exactly what we expect from the GT team at Porsche for one of their special models. The 981 Cayman body already looks great and our readers know how much we love the Cayman GTS’ new touches. The GT4 takes it to the next level, with the aggressive rear wing and racing-style body kit. There is no doubt that this is a serious sports car.

You can see in the images below that the GT3-style front end adds an aggressive look. Move further back and the rims are big and those monster brakes mean business, the wider track also helps the stance. Bigger side air scoops and trick aero help with cooling the larger Carrera S engine and again makes the GT4 look more aggressive. It’s not as over the top as the GT3 and it definitely looks more special than the Cayman GTS. Overall we love the look. Works really well.

Porsche Cayman GT4 Videos

There are a lot of Cayman GT4s on Youtube but as you guys know we like to pick a few key videos that we believe best give you a view into the Cayman GT4 so you can make a decision on whether this car is for you. Not surprisingly, Chris Harris and Doug DeMuro give us their everyday guy point of view. We also included a few expert car magazines opinions and some point of view videos so you can really feel that in-car experience.

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First up we have Chris Harris spanking the Cayman GT4 at sunny Portimao circuit in Europe. Chris got to drive the car very early on and he did not waste time doing what he does best which is lay down some rubber and really push the GT4 to its limit. Short story is that Chris loves the Cayman GT4. He doesn’t think the engine is as special as the GT3 motor and thus the Cayman falls short versus Porches best.

Next up, Matt Prior tests the Porsche Cayman GT4. He talks a lot about the 380bhp 3.8-litre flat six engine. Matt’s goal is simple, to answer one simple question – is this the greatest Cayman ever made? Autocar delivers the most in-depth car reviews and their videos are equally detailed which we love for a piece like this. Their team knows their stuff.

Next up is one of our favorite guys, Doug DeMuro. The title of the video kind of gives it away, but Doug drives the Porsche Cayman GT4, and now thinks it is one of the best cars I’ve ever driven. Says a lot given some of the cars he has driven over the years.

Finally, we have evo magazine’s Richard Meaden put the brand new Porsche Cayman GT4 through its paces.

415 HP Porsche Cayman GT4 by Sharkwerks – One Take. This Porsche Cayman GT4 has been massaged by the professionals at Sharkwerks of Northern California with a specific strategy in mind: take what Porsche does to turn a GT3 into a GT3 RS, and then apply that formula to the Cayman GT4. It’s got a bit more power, a bit sharper response, a lighter flywheel, and, most importantly, it’s been re-geared for maximum performance.

Is the Porsche Cayman GT4 Better Than A 911? The XCAR guys try to answer in this great video.

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