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Porsche Carrera GT
Image from Porsche

Porsche Classic Rebuilds Carrera GT From Scratch

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Porsche Classic has done some fantastic restorations of all kinds of Porsche vehicles, but the Carrera GT pictured here is a true stunner. The owner of the car commissioned Porsche Classic to not only restore the car but to completely strip it down and rebuild it to his specific instructions. That’s how it arrived at the beautiful one-off green machine you see before you.

The Carrera GT’s production ended about a dozen years ago, but the car is still a favorite among supercar enthusiasts. The V10 machine is one of Porsche’s most unique models. Now, this particular one stands out from the pack due to its perfect-in-our-eyes restoration.

To do what the owner of the car wanted, Porsche started by completely disassembling the car. It then refurbished or replaced every single part. Mechanics overhauled the engine, transmission, and chassis. The owner then chose an Oak Green Metallic paint from the 1970s that was never used on the Carrera GT. 

The wheels are a special BBS five-spoke made of magnesium. The five spokes were painted and the rim of the wheel was polished using a special method developed for this specific application. Porsche used real silver to get the rims to shine. After that, Porsche spent 350 hours working on all the carbon fiber parts.

When finished, the car was presented to the owner and showed at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, GA. Porsche held an event with 100 people there and a symposium that coincided with the event. The star of the show, though, was undoubtedly the car.