Porsche Reveals Concepts That Didn’t Make Production

Some of These Look Fantastic

Porsche has a treasure trove of concept cars and special projects that will never see the light of day. Every once in awhile, though, the automaker opens its design vaults and gives the world a peek at the goods that never made it to production.

EVO Magazine recently shared images of three designs that Porsche revealed that never made it all the way to production. There’s a 919 Street that’s based on the 919 endurance racer, there’s a Vision Spyder that’s based on the 500-1500 RS Spyder from the 1950s, and then there’s the Renndienst—a six-seater van with an all-electric chassis.

The 919 Street is some bespoke bodywork on a 919 competition chassis with space for its hybrid powertrain and a two-seater cockpit. Porsche made 919 Street clay model, but that seems to be as far as things got.

The Vision spyder is a compact open-top car. The car is a modern interpretation of the classic 1950s racer that won many races. It features subtle wingtips over the rear wheels and a curved frameless windscreen. The car also has a new version of the roll-hoop that’s fitted behind the driver compartment and made of carbon fiber.

The van is based on the classic VW van that Porsche used for various purposes. The vehicle reminds you of the new Volkswagen ID.3. It’s not something that Porsche will likely ever come out with, but it’s interesting to see a new interpretation of the van.