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Porsche 917 Concept
Images from Porsche

Porsche to Celebrate the 917 Turning 50 With Concept

Porsche Says it’s Purely a Concept Study

The Porsche 917 was a dominant force in motorsports in the 70s, and now it turns 50. As it does, the company thought the best way to honor the car was to create the 917 concept car you see shown above. It also decided to restore some 917s and showcase them at the celebration ceremony at the Porsche Museum in Germany.

The museum will hold a special exhibition titled “Colours of Speed – 50 Years of the 917.” It will showcase the historic car in all its glory as well as the new concept. The company has put together 14 different exhibits as part of the museum’s showcase. Of those exhibits, 10 of them will be of restored 917s, including the very first one ever to be built.

The red and white 917 concept car will be on display next to the historic cars. Porsche insists it is solely a concept study, but it looks too good to just be a concept. We’d love to see the car as a competition model. That, however, is doubtful. In addition to the concept car and the historic, restored cars, Porsche has many different items that will help demonstrate the impact of the 917 on the motorsport world, including some technical exhibits and several posters and products for sale.

We’re glad to see Porsche going to such lengths to honor one of its most amazing cars of all time. However, we’d love to see the concept move beyond this simple presentation. We want to see it become a real car due to the fact that it’s absolutely amazing to look at, and we imagine if Porsche finished it, it would be amazing to drive, too.