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Puritalia Berlinetta

Puritalia To Debut 965 hp Hybrid Berlinetta in Geneva

A 965 hp Return to the Spotlight

The Italian automaker Puritalia made a splash with its 427 roadster a while back, and now it has a new car. The Berlinetta is coming to the Geneva Motor Show should put the automaker back in the spotlight for at least a short period of time. Why? Because it’ll make 965 hp and be a hybrid, sticking with the times.

Also, Puritalia is no slouch of an automaker. Its 427 roadster was no joke, and we don’t expect the upcoming reveal in Geneva to be either. The company builds custom vehicles by hand and makes them beautiful and exceedingly fast machines.

The details for the upcoming model were scarce. Puritalia didn’t let slip much, but it’s enough to get us interested. There are four photos of the upcoming car perfectly shadowed to intrigue you but not actually give anything away. Otherwise, the company said the car’s “SuperHybrid” powertrain would make 965 hp and be managed by an artificial intelligence system. The car will also have a total carbon fiber body. 

Puritalia will make only 150 versions of the car. Each one of them will be built to order. Just to finish the carbon fiber Puritalia says it takes 800 hours, which is more than many supercar manufacturers spend on an entire build. That likely means this car will be very expensive. What exactly that price will come in at, has yet to be determined, or rather Puritalia has not released the price.