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Putting a value on Jay Leno’s car collection

I don’t think there is a full, detailed list of which cars are actually owned by Jay Leno, several have been shown on his YouTube channel Jay Leno’s Garage, and while there are supercars in his collection, he also owns some really special classics and even some actual show cars, Jay even owns a turbine car, while all of them were destined to be destroyed at the time, a handful escaped their fate, and even less still drive, Jay’s orange turbine car is fully functional and could be worth $10 million on its own, while he also owns a McLaren F1 that could be worth about $17 million.

The team at VinWiki did a lot of research and came up with a list of 185 cars, and together with John Temerian and John Ficarra, Ed Bollian goes over the list in this 33-minute video and comes up with a total valuation of what the massive collection owned by Jay Leno could be worth today, and many of the cars they mention (they don’t go over all 185 cars mind you) are set to become even more valuable over the next years, so it’s safe to say Jay is a very fortunate individual with an almost incredible collection of automotive art in private hands.