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Rimac Nevera – the fastest EV in the world

We all know the Rimac Nevera is a stupendously fast car, all-electric, and limited-production, but did you know there is a ‘top speed’ driving mode on this hypercar? The Top Speed mode will set a specific aerodynamic profile on this car that is a perfect balance between drag and downforce because you need stability at high speeds, but you also want to minimize drag to reach the highest speed possible, and as Miro, Rimac’s Chief Test and Development Driver, mentions in the video below: “when you reach speeds of 360 km/h, you are traveling an entire football field … every second” … and the Nevera goes even faster, a lot faster.

Rimac took the Nevera to Germany to test the top speed of the car, and no, this wasn’t on the famous Nurburgring, which might be a nice way to set a Ring record, but this time it was about reaching the highest possible speed of an EV in the world, fitted with the amazing Michelin Cup 2R tires, under close scrutiny of a Michelin technician, Miro took the wheel and attacked the 4km track with curved sections to go as fast as possible … check out the video below and see how the Rimac Nevera reaches a third of the speed of sound … or 412 km/h (256 mph):