RM Auctions in London

One of the main reasons to visit London last week was the exceptional auction hosted by RM. Their centerpiece included a pair of Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR road cars that sold for about a million USD each. Dirk de Jager was there to capture them for this week’s feature gallery.

The Big Mercs were joined by a 1954 SL 300 that was outfitted to modern standards by AMG. Only a handful of cars outside of Brunei have been sold and each cost one million euros to make. Selling for $750,000 USD, it has to be one of the most valuable resto-mod projects.

RM was also proud to offer probably the best Aston Martin DB2 extant. This particular car was used by the factory at all the major races and by David Brown in the off-season. Called a ‘Team Car’, it sold for £550.000 or around $900,000 USD.