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Toyota Supra Review Carfection

Rory Reid of Carfection Takes the Supra for a Spin

How Did Toyota Do With BMW’s Parts?

It did pretty well according to Rory Reid of Carfection, but it’s not without its faults. The presenter noted that the new Toyota Supra isn’t really a true Toyota car, but with declining sports car sales, Toyota had to get creative to make the Supra and have it make business sense. The first half of the video review almost makes you think Reid didn’t care for the Supra much or was at least unimpressed with it’s decidedly not Toyota construction.

In the second half of the video is a little more positive, with Reid taking the car out on the track. He says the Supra feels “like a fighter jet.” That’s pretty high praise for any sports car. However, it wasn’t all good news on the track either. Reid noted the brakes, gearbox, and exhaust note could be better.

Reid makes a good point at the end of the video. He says even though the car isn’t perfect that it’s still a good sports car, and it should be celebrated as such. He also makes the case that cars like this aren’t about logic. There are other, faster options for roughly the same money as a new Supra. The new Supra and honestly all sports cars are about emotion.

We have to agree with Reid. It’s an emotional purchase buying a sports car, especially a Supra, and that impulse is one worth celebrating. It’s nice to see Toyota embracing it’s sports car heritage with this model, even if it is flawed.