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Shmee Gets An Exclusive First Look At The GMA T.33 Spider

YouTuber Shmee, visited Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), the creators of the GMA T50 hypercar, the world’s first production car with fan-augmented aerodynamics.

Shmee got a glimpse of GMA’s newest model, the T.33 Spider, which features a small, high-revving, and energy-dense normally-aspirated V12 engine from Cosworth, producing 617 HP and an 11,100 RPM redline.

Only 100 units of the T.33 Spider will be available, with deliveries starting in mid-2025, and it will retail for $2.35 million. Shmee is considering adding it to his collection, and there are already potential buyers lining up. The T.33 Spider boasts impressive performance figures and storage availability, including side pods for weekend trips.