There's No Better Sound Than the Sound of a 1972 Ferrari 312 B3's Engine

There’s No Better Sound Than That of a 1972 Ferrari 312 B3

This video is about a very special and unique Formula 1 car: the Ferrari 312 B3 “Spazzaneve”. Watch it in action at Imola Circuit during the 2017 Historic Minardi Day and enjoy the beautiful melody of the 3.0-litre flat-12 engine doing some accelerations and fly-bys!

It was designed by Mauro Forghieri and was unveiled in August 1972. Based on the 312 B2,  it featured tons of new solutions such as a very short wheelbase, lowered weights concentrated in the area of the gravity center, radiators installed on both sides of the cockpit and very squared bodywork. Plus, that it featured a wide front wing linked to the bodywork (For this, Italians named the car “spazzaneve” which means “snow-plow”).

The car actually never started a Grand Prix because it suffered from bad handling on long corners and braking. Instead it remained hidden behind the walls of the Ferrari factory for a couple years and was later sold to a interested customer a few years later.

In the second half of the video you can appreciate a few on board laps driven by Franco Meiners.