Are Supercars Really As Expensive As They Seem?

Many of us only dream of owning a supercar. We watch people drive past us in their supercars and think of them as unattainable. They’re only for the rich people who can afford to maintain them. But, is that really true? Yes, you have to have a fair bit of disposable income to own a supercar, but they may not be as expensive as many people first imagine. Here’s why you may need to think twice about how you view the expense of a supercar.

Your Frame of Mind

Yes, if own a Volvo S40 and compare the costs of that to the costs of a Lamborghini Diablo, you’re going to think the latter is far too expensive. However, it’s also possible to think the exact opposite. If you’re used to taking a Lamborghini to the garage for repairs and you suddenly start taking a Volvo in instead, you may think you’re getting a great deal. The point is, the costs of any car are relative to the make and model. You still put aside a relevant amount of money to maintain the car. So, if you purchase a supercar, you’ll still put away the same percentage of money as you would for any other car. It just so happens that a supercar requires more expensive maintenance than most other cars.

A Supercar Doesn’t Require More Maintenance Than Other Cars

There seems to be this myth that supercars will end up in the garage more often than regular used cars. That’s far from true. Of course, you drive around like a maniac, it’s likely you will end up spending more money. But, more often than not, the owners of supercars are car enthusiasts and take pride in keeping their cars in top shape. Supercars often come with maintenance suggestions. Suggestions don’t mean you necessarily have to do them. You can save money on maintenance by only doing what’s essential. It’s also important to know that just because you have a supercar, it doesn’t mean you won’t find any maintenance deals. For example, it is possible to get deals on tires so you don’t have to pay a fortune each time they’re worn.

It’s an Investment

When you buy a new car, you expect it to depreciate in value the second you drive it out of the garage. That isn’t the case with a supercar. In fact, supercars can often make you money instead of losing it. It’s always possible to sell a supercar onto a car collector or auction it off for a good price. You have to look after the car so it’s in a good condition when you choose to sell it, but there’ll never be a time when supercars aren’t wanted.


There’s another misconception that Supercars need repairs more often than other cars. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Supercars are made for speed and durability, so it’s unlikely you’ll find your supercar to be fragile. Supercars rarely go through catastrophic failures, so you aren’t going to be faced with huge expenses, like replacing an engine.