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Tailormade by Hispano Suiza

1,904 ways to design the car of your dreams

Hispano Suiza presents Unique Tailormade, a customization program that will convert each Hispano Suiza created into a unique work of art. The brand raises the concept of luxury to its maximum exponent, thus creating the concept of “Hyperlux”, which allows its discerning customers to create a totally custom-made car. In total, there are 1,904 different customization combinations, achieving unmatched differentiation.

Hispano Suiza Carmen is much more than a vehicle. Its performance, materials, and technology make it a dream come true both for the Suqué Mateu family, who brought the legendary Spanish brand back to life and for luxury car lovers. As if it were a work of art, each Carmen produced is unique, since the buyer can make countless customizations inside and outside.

It is here where the concept of “Hyperlux” is raised to its maximum exponent. The Hispano Suiza Carmen is already a highly exclusive piece, due to the fact that its production is limited to 19 units, of which only five will be built in the Boulogne version. Carmen’s design inspiration is based on the Dubonnet Xenia from the 1930s, although the technology has nothing to do with that of the past, nor with that of any other car in the market today. Proof of this is the more than 1,000 CV of power that it achieves thanks to its four permanent magnet synchronous motors housed in the rear axle, its 1,160 Nm of torque, or the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.6 s.

Hispano Suiza also wants its customers to turn the vehicle of their dreams into reality, and for this reason, the Hispano Suiza Design Studio has created the Unique Tailormade Program based on the Color&Trim defined by the brand. Each customer will have at their disposal an internally developed customization program to configure their vehicle. Through this, they will be able to choose between three configuration lines that reflect the main values ​​of the brand’s DNA – Elegance, Heritage and Sport – and, based on these, each client will have the option of choosing different colors or materials for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, which will allow them to add a personal touch to the design and adapt it to their tastes. The colors have been named after the historic landmarks and milestones of the brand, such as Peralada Green, Swiss Red, Xenia Gray, Birkigt White, or Begur Blue, among others.

Customizable exterior parts include the grille, rear-view mirrors, body color, wheels, and air intakes; with regards to the interiors, the customer can choose different options and colors for the steering wheel, dashboard, seat upholstery, or floor mats. In total, there are 1,904 possible combinations, which practically prevents two identical Hispano Suiza Carmen from leaving the Barcelona factory.

“To create the Hispano Suiza Carmen we were inspired by one of the brand’s most iconic vehicles, the Xenia Dubonnet, a vehicle commissioned by André Dubonnet in the late 1930s,” says Francesc Arenas, Design Director of Hispano Suiza. “Its futuristic lines linked the past of the brand with the present and the future that we want for the brand. We were also inspired by the art deco movement and by Mrs. Carmen Mateu, granddaughter of Damián Mateu, founder of Hispano Suiza, and mother of our president, Miguel Suqué Mateu. His premise was very clear, when we were designing the interiors, he told us that the Carmen, in addition to being a Hispano Suiza, should look like one. We were inspired by the tradition of the brand and recovered all those materials that the historical Hispano Suiza carried inside ”, he points out.

With the Unique Tailormade Program, we wanted to capture the most diverse possibilities of creating a unique Hispano Suiza Carmen for each client. We want these 19 units of the Carmen to be a work of art on wheels, collectibles, symbols of excellence, and that each owner can participate in the customization process of their vehicle ”. explains Francesc Arenas, Design Director of Hispano Suiza. “Starting from the original DNA and taking into account the Color & Trim of Hispano Suiza, we have created three lines of configuration – Elegance, Heritage, and Sport – that reflect the main values ​​of our vehicles. We are aware of the needs and desires of our buyers, so we have developed an online tool and a catalog that will allow them to configure the design of the vehicle according to their needs. We want our customers to be able to drive the car of their dreams ”.

Hispano Suiza maintains its original essence of manufacturer of elegant, exclusive, and reliable vehicles, as well as sporty and now sustainable, values that have been present in the company’s models since its founding in 1904.