Aston Martin AM-RM 003 and Vanquish
Image from top Gear

Take a Closer Look at The Aston Martin Vanquish and the AM-RB 003

Let’s Get In Close

Jack Rix of Top Gear recently got to spend time with both the Aston Martin Vanquish and the AM-RB 003. No, he didn’t get to drive them, but he did get extremely up close and personal with both vehicles. While Rix goes on about the car in the videos and discusses all of the amazing magical things that Aston has worked into the cars, the photography team at Top Gear manages to get some simply breathtaking shots of these vehicles in the studio. The visuals alone are worth seeing. 

Rix starts with the AM-RB 003. That name is just a temporary one. The rumored name is Valhalla, but that is just a rumor at this point. Rix discusses how the AM-RM 003 is similar in many ways to the Valkyrie. He also points out the ways in which it’s different. For example, the powertrain. Instead of a shrieking V12, the car gets a V6 hybrid powertrain. Rix doesn’t have all the answers yet, though he makes some predictions. Aston is still keeping most of the truly good things under wraps.

Rix goes all in on the styling and exterior and interior design of the car. Pointing out things like the Flex Foil technology in the rear wing, the 3D printed center console on the inside, the unique and minimalist integration of technology on the inside of the car, and the seats that are integrated into the carbon fiber tub of the vehicle.

Then Rix moves on to the Vanquish, which will compete with Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini’s supercars. Again, Rix doesn’t have all the answers. Aston keeps him out of the car and doesn’t let him get into too many of the technical details. The car is a few years away from production so, it’s really no surprise that Aston is keeping things under wraps.