Over the weekend, Techno Classica opened its doors as the the largest indoor show for veteran, vintage and classic cars. Despite the massive size of the Essen halls, every manufacturer and dealer competes for space, resulting in a very cramped, but rewarding ordeal.

Most of the cars on display are the best that Germany and France have to offer, while British and Italian cars are more spread out. Each year, almost all the European manufacturers bring along some of their best supercars and surround them in equally impressive backdrops.

If we had to name just one car at the show it would have be the BMW Turbo Concept which hasn’t been seen outside the museum in a long time. It’s outrageous paint scheme, gullwing doors and detailed interior make it an easy pick. Other choices could be the Bugatti Royale from VW, Alfa’s Tipo 33 Collection, four Pegaso Z102s or the silver Gemballa Mirage GT.

Dirk de Jager visited the 40th anniversary of Essen and was blown away by its size. He shot our official gallery which reveals some of the best cars among the 2000 on display.