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The 2024 Audi RS6 Performance

There was a time when a ‘station wagon’, or an estate car was just a large family car with a lot of luggage space. Still, surely not a supercar, today the SUV has taken over the role of the practical family car, a car to drive the kids to school and commute to and from work. However, there are still some really interesting estate cars that come with a lot of space and offer stupendous amounts of power … one of the most famous cars is the Audi RS6. This model has been absent on the US market, but it has returned, and for the 2024 model year we now have the RS6 Avan Performance, with no less than 621 hp.

The Audi RS6 is only available as an Avant, which translates to an estate in Audi language, and is based on the large Audi A6, the RS6 is a big and heavy car, but with that twin-turbo V8 engine up front that delivers 627 pound-feet of torque and even comes with a 48-volt hybrid system, power goes to all four wheels as the Audi RS6 Avant Performance is the famous Quattro version, the 8-speed automatic transmission and ‘unlocked top speed’ option means this large estate reaches 190 mph, while have lots of space inside for five people, and still carry some serious luggage behind the large rear hatch, but all this comes with a hefty price, it isn’t too difficult to reach $160,000 when adding a few options.

Let’s see what YouTube author Doug deMuro thinks about the new 2024 Audi RS6 Avant Performance: