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BMW M8 Competition

The BMW M8 Competition Is a Wonderful Road Car

Bavarian Touring at Its Best

The BMW M8 Competition was revealed earlier this year. When broke cover it became clear just how impressive this new big BMW coupe really is. The vehicle is a muscled-out and quick machine that’s wildly luxurious. It’s a car that takes BMW to a new level and Henry Catchpole of Carfection gets a turn behind the wheel of the car to review it. 

In his video review, Catchpole says that the car isn’t quite as luxurious as BMW would have you believe. It’s fantastic but not on the same level as Bentley or Rolls Royce. Catchpole says the car still shares a bit too much with the BMW 3-Series to rise to the level of luxury that BMW claims the car is at. We’d have to sit in one in order to agree with him. One thing Catchpole points out is the wide array of buttons pretty much everywhere in the cabin. Catchpole feels there are simply too many of them.

With the interior covered he moves on to the way the car drives. Catchpole says the M8 “feels fast but not terribly furious, I suppose.” The M8 Competition sounds more like a smooth and quick machine rather than a hard-edged racer, and that’s exactly what we were hoping for from BMW.