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The BRABUS Invicto in action, a fortress on wheels

Remember the BRABUS Invicto we posted a while ago? With the Mercedes-AMG G63 already being a very capable off-road car that will get you out of trouble most of the time, it is only to be expected some high net-worth individuals opt to have an armored car based on this popular SUV, but BRABUS takes it one step further with their Invicto series, looking like a tuned version of the G63 at first glance, the Invicto hides a lot of additional safety guards for the occupants, and while usually we’ll see the people to be protected from outside threats in the back, BRABUS even has a version specifically for security personnel that can lead or trail a convoy with multiple cars.

The INVICTO special protection vehicles as per VR6 Plus ERV standard are built in small-series production at the plant of BRABUS Automotive in Bottrop, and while these three versions should already cater to the most discerning customer, BRABUS is always open for individual requests, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the initial goal: protection and driving safety, but let’s take a look at a WELT documentary on this rather special off-road vehicle and get to see them in action: