Inertia kinetik

This Car Designer Has a Bold Vision for the Future of Sports Cars

The Future Looks Pretty Cool

While many people seem to think the future will be some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland, we happen to think it will be awesome. Apparently, so does car designer Guillaume Garcia. He designed a unique sports car for the future, and it presents a bright and fun vehicle called the Inertia Kinetik.

The arms that house the cameras that act as the side mirrors aren’t some ugly things sticking out to either side, they’re built right into a chrome swooping design element that runs down the side of the car. This design element actually works well with the rest of the aerodynamic shape of the car and further accentuates its strengths. 
This type of speedster or open-top car is definitely more of a leisure vehicle. There’s no way you could have it as your only vehicle, but as far as fun cars go, if this is the future, then we’re pretty excited for it. Garcia doesn’t have a ton of info about the vehicle, but the design itself is striking. It definitely has a rear-mid-engine layout, but I think it would be a super cool electric sports car, too.