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McLaren Senna and a 650S GT3

The Difference Between the McLaren Senna and a Real GT3 Car Is Significant

The Senna Is Fast But Not GT3 Fast

The McLaren Senna is a car that pulls a lot from racing. It’s wildly fast and produces tons of power. It is, however, a car that’s legal for the street. That’s fantastic if you want a high-powered, high-priced machine that can do both. However, Chris Harris of Top Gear heard some folks saying the Senna was as fast as a GT3 car. To test that theory, he decided to show up at a racetrack with the McLaren Senna and a 650S GT3.

Harris starts out in the Senna going after the racetrack and talking through the car’s driving characteristics. He then does the same for the 650S GT3. It’s clear from his commentary that the Senna isn’t as well connected to the road as the real racing car. It’s softer and can’t put its higher power output down to the road as easily.

Then it’s time for timed laps. Harris takes the 650S GT3 out first this time laying down a lap time that the presenter calls a “pretty unspecial time.” Then it’s into the Senna to see if the car can match that time. The Senna comes in seven seconds behind the true racing car. That’s miles slower around a racetrack. While it’s not the most scientific of testing, it’s clear the Senna is fast, but not GT3 car fast. You can watch the whole video below.