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The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Is a $2.5 Million Dream Supercar

You have clients that buy a Ferrari and couldn’t be happier, finally achieving that dream, even if it is just the entry-level model, but you also have customers that go for the higher-end models, the legendary V12 models, and if you are a long-time Ferrari client you can get invited to buy one of the limited edition models Ferrari releases from time to time, and no matter how much money you have in your bank account, if you didn’t get an invitation from Ferrari themselves, you can’t get one, it isn’t a matter of walking into your local Ferrari dealership and drop a suitcase full of money on the desk.

And that is was happens with the Ferrari Daytona SP3, a very limited production model that costs about $2.5 million, but you would have to have been ‘invited’ to be able to buy one straight from the factory … for those less fortunate, we take a look at all the ‘quirks and features’, as Doug DeMuro usually puts it, in the video below: